You too can enjoy the garden

You too can enjoy the garden

Benefits of Cooper Park Community Garden membership include:

Share an inner suburban space that promotes social interaction and physical and mental wellbeing

Grow and harvest vegetables, fruit and flowers from your own garden bed

Access gardening tips and share in produce from the five communal beds

Participate in garden task force working bees and workshops

Join the compost taskforce and compost your home organic waste

Receive updates and our seasonal newsletters

Annual membership categories


Allows one member to participate


Allows family members to participate

How to join

1. Apply & pay

2. Attend induction

3. Get gardening!

Member gardening options

Communal gardening

No time for your own garden? On the waiting list for an individual garden bed?

Become a Taskforce member for one of the five communal gardening beds


Participate in other groups managing things such as composting, communications, or design & building.

Simply contact the relevant Taskforce leader (provided in the member welcome pack).

Individual garden bed

There is currently a waiting list for plot allocations to grow vegetables and flowers in your own individual garden bed.

Nominate on your membership application to be assigned an individual garden bed as one becomes available.

Once allocated a garden bed, you pay the annual garden bed fee to get started.

The individual garden bed fee payment entitles you to a dedicated garden bed. The fee is used to provide fertiliser and garden equipment.